Key Features


24/7 budget control

All POs, invoices and contracts are linked to the budget. Have your project budget under control and available 24/7.

Cross-team communication

The whole team can communicate within PCS and yes, there is a read confirmation for every message.

Each team member is always up to date

Your daily tasks are always at hand and so is an overview of recently added documents & revisions.

One-click document creation

Generating and tracking RFIs, NCRs and HSE violations has never been easier.

All modules and features


  • Personnel & Equipment

    • Project directory with all personnel and their contact details.
    • Individual time tracking.
    • Overview of machinery and equipment usage including fuel consumption.

  • Budget Control

    • Custom budget groups and budget codes.
    • Automated linking of invoices, purchase orders, and budget.
    • Up-to-date project costs always within reach.

  • Contract Management

    • All contracts, annexes, and invoices stored neatly in one place.
    • Easy tracking of received payments and your project’s financial balance.
    • Overview of all subcontractors’ invoices you received, paid, or marked pending.

  • Reporting

    • Generate payment reports, storage delivery reports or subcontractor balance sheets report from predefined templates.
    • Need more templates? We will add them for you.

  • Procurement

    • Procurement
    • The entire material flow in one place.
    • Material requests, quotations, purchase orders and storage movement are easy to deal with and always just a few clicks away.
    • On-site team members and workers can easily define the exact amount of material they need.

  • Photos

    • Photos
    • Fast and easy upload from any device and any place with internet connection.
    • Custom photo albums to keep your project organised.

  • Dashboard

    • Dashboard
    • Your daily tasks always at hand.
    • Overview of recently added documents and revision.

  • Communication

    • Dedicated email module for all your staff.
    • Unlimited file sharing among users.
    • Message statuses (delivered, read) to help you keep track of the communication.

  • Document Control

    • Document control
    • Unlimited cloud storage for everyone within your company.
    • Super fast upload.
    • Individual access rights to folders and files.
    • One-click document sharing with others involved in the project.

  • Processes

    • Processes
    • Transmittals and letters tracking in both their electronic and physical form.
    • Generating and tracking RFIs, NCRs or HSE violations with ease.
    • Tracking of open / close status and overdue time.

  • Scheduling (coming soon)

    • No need to use any 3rd party scheduling software.
    • Set up and update your schedule in PCS directly.
    • Track your progress on any given task.